Tamara Nivillac

Music at the Barn

The Livingroom Concerts presents the first edition of Music at the Barn; Intimate acoustic sessions in an open field surrounded by birds, trees and above, a clear blue sky.

The lead singer for this edition will be Tamara Nivillac. Tamara will be accompanied by a live acoustic band under directions of guitarist Taco van Dijk. The theme of this concert will be ‘love’. Who doesn’t love to hear some good and well-known love songs?

Bring along your own outdoor plaid (picknickkleedje) to sit and chill on the green grass. Snacks and drinks will also be available at a fair price.

If you want to be part of this exclusive event, send a private message to this page. You’ll receive all additional information about the place and the admission fee. Entry is limited, so hurry up and get your tickets now.

This is a unique way to spend your Sunday afternoon and start the week in good vibes. Don’t miss out!